Jabra 2100

Jabra 2100

Designed for the Roughest Handling

Jabra, previously GN Netcom, is one of the largest telephone headset manufacturers in the world. Headsets are designed for the roughest handling and the Jabra portfolio covers a wide range of products for a variety of different applications and environments.

The Jabra 2100 is the state-of-the-art, professional headset for today’s enterprise delivering unsurpassed sound quality and crystal clear conversation. The headset’s lightweight, sleek styling evokes a professional image comfort is ensured by the ergonomic design.

The Contact Centre version provides the ideal solution where durability and comfort are ensured with its lightweight design, titanium-look sound tube and king size ear cushions for the ultimate in comfort and practicality.

The Jabra 2100’s several interchangeable options means you can change styles as often as you wish and the different boom arms come equipped with different microphones to suit all office environments, from quiet to louder ones.


  • Unsurpassed sound quality
  • Award-winning, lightweight headset design
  • Choice of wearing styles
  • Choice of boom arms and microphones

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